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Modeling Wax(Sculpting Wax,Carving Wax) for Sculptors

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Modeling Wax
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Caramel Wax

Caramel Wax is a modeling wax which is greatly improved from soft wax(clay wax) on that it will not break easily.
Caramel wax keeps solidity to the degree like caramel and its stickiness and resilience prevent even thin parts from breaking off.
There are three types of products, soft, medium soft, and hard type.
The softer types are less breakable.
Even hard type will not break easily, though, it goes vulnerable in lower temperature.
So It is recommended to use hard type in summer and soft type in winter.

Weight : A half pound

Caramel Wax
Product Name:

Candy Wax

Candy Wax is a modeling wax.
Candy Wax is characterized by its softness and malleability in heat as clays and its solidity when cooled enough to be cut easily.
Normally soft waxes with a certain solidity need to be heated so much for modeling and tend to get solid too soon before completion of decoration.
This Candy Wax, on the other hand, can soften enough to be modeled in relatively low temperature, so you can mould and model by hands comfortably, taking enough time as clays.
Candy Wax is extremely smooth and becomes solid enough to be carved easily when cooled, and suitable for delicate modeling.
This product is suitable for various uses, such as making models of figures, product designs and metal carvings.
There are three types of products, soft, medium soft, and hard type. Softer types get soft in comparatively low temperature and remain soft longer and harder types stiffen quicker to be carved smoothly.
Grey in colour, which emphasizes the irregularities of surface.

Weight : A half pound

Candy Wax
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Modeling Wax Sample Set

This is a modeling wax sample set.
This set consists of a Caramel Wax (Soft), a Caramel Wax (Medium), a Caramel Wax (Hard), a Candy Wax (Soft), a Candy Wax (Medium) and a Candy Wax (Hard).

Price: $5.00 USD (includes shipping fee)

Product Name: Modeling Wax Sample Set $5.00(USD)

Caramel Clay

Caramel Clay is hard type of industrial clay.
Namely it has the moderate softness and texture of caramel and also moderate solidity and toughness in normal temperature, which is suitable for moulding and modeling.
Caramel Clay softens in heat same as other general industrial clays.
There are three types of products, soft, medium soft and hard type.
Solidity of products can be chosen according to temperature.
Hard type is suitable for modeling thin parts to prevent them from bending.
If you look for a hard type of industrial clay, this product is a perfect choice.

・This product softens in heat.
・This product keeps moderate solidity in normal temperature, allowing you to mould delicate parts in your hands.
・This product stretches well and has also toughness, so even thin and delicate parts will not break easily.
・This product does not include any sulfer constituent.

Weight : approximately 270g

Candy Wax
Candy Wax
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